about scrimba

Scrimba is a new video format for communicating code. It's interactive, easy to create and much more light weight than normal video. The company is based in Norway and consists three co-founders.

core features

  • Interactive.Play with the code
  • Light weight.1% of video size (MB)
  • Simple.One click creation
  • Indexable.Search in screencasts
  • Responsive.Superior mobile experience

how it works

Once you've signed up with GitHub, you can start creating screencasts instantly. It's very easy, but you can check out this this Medium post if you want detailed instructions.

the team

Magnus Holm

Magnus is also known as judofyr.

Sindre Aarsæther

Sindre is the creator of Imba.

Per Harald Borgen

Per likes to write about learning to code.