about scrimba

Our goal is to create the best possible coding school at the lowest possible cost for students. If we succeed with this, it’ll give anyone who wants to become a software developer a realistic shot at succeeding. Regardless of where they live and the size of their wallets.

To achieve this, we’ve created a new video format for code screencasts. We call it “scrims”. This format is the backbone of our school. Not only because it results in a superior learning experience. But also because it enables us to iterate more quickly, to attract better teachers, to facilitate better peer-learning, to keep server costs low, and much more.

If you're a teacher who's interested in creating a course on Scrimba, please send our co-founder Per an email [email protected]

the company

Scrimba AS is based in Oslo, Norway, and the core team consists of four people. We're backed by StartupLab, Nordic Makers and Alliance Venture. You can follow the company on Twitter here.

the team

One of the co-founders of Scrimba

Sindre Aarsæther


Sindre is the creator of the Imba programming language.

One of the co-founders of Scrimba

Per Harald Borgen


Per likes to write about learning to code, and he also sings in a choir.

One of the team members of Scrimba

Frode Jensen


Frode has over 15 years of experience from building products for the web.

[email protected]

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