Karan found a job that needed two years of professional experience but as a recent Frontend Developer Career Path Graduate he didn't have any yet 😬 !

Equipped with a stunning portfolio and active GitHub profile, Karan applied anyway...

They practically hired him on the spot 🎉 proving these requirements don't always apply to the individual, and you should apply anyway!

Now Karan's learning lots while working on a project for a Fortune 500 company.

In this episode, you'll learn how Karan became a hireable programmer by helping others and what resources he used to crack the coding interview on his first try.

Please enjoy 🙌


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:44 Karan talks about his new role
  • 02:50 How did you learn to code well enough that you felt ready to start applying for jobs?
  • 04:00 How did you structure your learning?
  • 04:48 What was your job-hunting strategy?
  • 07:04 What did your interview process look like?
  • 12:20 Preview of next week's episode with Dylan Israel
  • 14:22 How does a company test your personality or culture fit?
  • 16:46 Karan got the job offer 15 minutes after his interview 🎉
  • 17:20 Community
  • 19:07 "Helping other people made me a good programmer"
  • 22:00 Karan's advice to anyone looking for work
  • 24:11 What resources helped you get the job the most?
  • 26:15 Future of the Scrimba community with Alex

Show notes

Want to learn frontend development and secure your first technical job like Karan did? Enroll in the Scrimba Frontend Developer Career Path 🎉