Meet Benedicte Bellika:

When Benedicte returned from her pregnancy break, she was shocked to learn that her university had stopped teaching the class she hoped to resume!

After weighing her options, Benedicte made a brave decision to pursue web development.

At first, it was overwhelming. Benedicte didn't think she was smart enough.

She repeatedly questioned if she could do it and wondered if she would have to return to retail. Deep down, she knew that wasn't an option because of Coronavirus.

18 months into the journey, it became very tiring.

Companies still weren't responding to her applications, and it made her want to quit...

Less than 2 months later, she got a phone call.

It was from a huge newspapers in Norway (VG). "You're HIRED," the manager said cheerfully!

In this interview, I spoke to Benedicte about

  • How Scrimba and the Frontend Career Path helped her find success
  • How to become invincible to rejection
  • What to do when a job requires "2 years minimum experience" or a degree 🙄
  • The specific details of her coding tasks (could you do them??)
  • Her unique interview experience where she did pair programming on a Google Hangout but wasn't allowed to type any code 🤔

Transcript coming 23/2/2021