If you want to become a successful developer in 2021, communication skills are more important than you might think.

In this episode, Dylan Israel from Amazon talks about Agile software practices, teamwork, working with your manager, boundaries, and dealing with anxiety as someone on the shyer or introverted side.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:40 What to expect when you join a new team
  • 03:39 What is Agile development all about?
  • 08:35 Beware companies masquerading as "Agile"
  • 12:18 Ask these questions in your interview (and avoid a death march)
  • 12:55 Why communication skills are more crucial than you might think
  • 15:10 Effective communication is a learned skill
  • 16:55 Introverts and extroverts
  • 19:00 Communication in the workplace is unique - treat it as such
  • 21:40 Books Dylan used to sharpen his communication skills (see links from the episode below)
  • 24:17 You don't need to understand Agile that well before applying for jobs
  • 25:39 One-way communication (screencasts, talks) vs. two-way communication (team communication)
  • 27:30 How to deal with social anxiety (and how anxiety differs from stress)
  • 32:30 What to expect from your manager and teammates