Pete has interviewed hundreds of self-taught developers for his website, NoCSDegree. In this episode, he shares his top 6 stories that YOU can learn from to make money as an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur (Pete covers all 3)!


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:00 How Beatrice used a meetup to advance their career
  • 07:15 Arvid Kahl founded a $55K/month business
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  • 10:15 Aldhair went from cruise ship worker to developer in 5 months with Scrimba
  • 12:32 Do you need to meet 100% of the requirements to apply for a job (nah)
  • 15:54 Josy got a remote job as a junior dev 🎉
  • 18:26 Richard earned $15k a month at just 22 from a rural area with low living costs
  • 23:21 Tae'lur from waitress to developer
  • 26:22 What do al these developers have in common?
  • 28:05 Outro and thanks