Jack is a twenty-something Front End Engineer at Google. In this episode, you will learn from his experience as he traveled an ambitious and twisty career path that, ultimately, landed him a high-impact job on the Google Chrome Developers team.


  • 00:00 How did the opportunity at Google come about?
  • 02:39 What it's like working at Google?
  • 04:01 The decision to become a professional developer
  • 05:52 Do you need a computer science degree to work at Google?
  • 9:23 Becoming a speaker
  • 17:31 Publishing a book at 21
  • 21:38 Finding work you love
  • 27:00 Front end engineer vs. developer?
  • 28:57 How Jack got into Google
  • 31:20 Google developer interview process
  • 34:08 How to change jobs when you already have one (without burning bridges)
  • 37:03 What it's like to work at Google
  • 38:41 Quick-fire questions 🔥