At Scrimba, we are on a mission to help you become a hireable web developer at your own pace and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional bootcamp or university. How we achieve this lofty goal without compromising on education quality is, understandably, something you might be curious about!

While our Frontend Developer Career Path offers a structured curriculum to become job-ready, we also recognize how important it is for you to get feedback from more experienced coders.

That is why we've assembled an Avengers-caliber team of code reviewers, led by Scrimba teacher Guil Hernandez, to offer Bootcamp subscribers feedback on your solo projects in a pinch!

In this post, we're thrilled for you to meet them!

Guil Hernandez

Hey, I'm Guil from Florida 🇺🇸. I'm a developer, educator, and lead instructor who guides the Bootcamp groups through weekly sessions. I also work with the talented code reviewers you're about to meet to provide insightful, high-quality project reviews for our students.

I'm enthusiastic about learning and empowering people through technology education and mentoring. With over 15 years of experience in tech, I've created programming courses taken by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

When I'm away from the glowing rectangle 💻, I enjoy spending time on the Florida waters on a kayak or paddleboard. 🏄🏽 ☀️

Kynnedy Esteves

Hello! My name's Kynnedy 🇺🇸, and I was recently hired as a Junior Web Developer!

10 months ago, I had no coding experience, and most of my work revolved around hospitality.

When I went on maternity leave, I stumbled upon coding and Scrimba and got stuck in with the Career Path.

Now I want to help other self-taught developers by offering code reviews! It's super rewarding to help others since I was in the same boat not that long ago.

When I'm not coding, Mom duties take priority. Hopefully, one day I'll teach my son how to code!

You're welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn, and if you'd like to learn more about my story about becoming a developer while on maternity leave, you can listen to my interview with Alex on The Scrimba Podcast!

Michaella Rodriguez

Michella here (and that is my Kitty, Fish) 🇺🇸! I have been coding 10 months and am in the process of launching my coding career with help from Scrimba 🚀!

I work in customer service but have always wanted to enter a different field. During the pandemic, I was forced to figure out what that was!

When my friend suggested coding, I thought, "that's not for me!" Almost a year later, I can't stop coding!

Since I have completed the Frontend Developer Career Path, I want to help you in the areas I struggled in through code reviews.

It's so much fun talking shop with and helping other developers. I find it personally rewarding when something I suggest or demonstrate helps someone with a concept they've been shaky on!

I love reading, Pilates, hanging out with my family, watching Jeopardy, playing word games (I'm a Quordle gal), and trying to keep all my plants alive!

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, if you want.

Phillip Lam

My name's Philip 🇺🇸, and I am a teacher turned developer!

For many years, I worked in the education field, helping students reach their full potential in the classroom. Even though I loved it, about a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn to code, and that's when I found Scrimba.

As a teacher, I recognize how reviewing other people's work and offering thoughtful feedback improves my work. It's a pleasure to combine my teaching experience with my newfound passion for code, and I would encourage learners to do the same when they feel ready!

When I'm not coding, I love to explore and travel. A good craft beer or scotch wouldn't go amiss, either!

You can see more about my teaching experience and connect with me on LinkedIn if you want!

Samuel Almao

Hello! I'm Samuel 🇦🇷, and I've been coding for about a year!

I used to work in Bio-Engineering as a clinical technician, but nothing compares to the freedom of tech - to work from wherever you want when you want. All you need is a computer and internet access!

My approach to learning code is to combine different learning resources. Sometimes I'll watch a Scrim, read an article, and, in the end, it will be a random StackOverflow post from 2008 that makes the idea stick! I'm improving every day and want to help others on my journey by offering code reviews.

Knowing that I can help others is a beautiful feeling.

I love cooking, exercising, and playing games with my friends when I'm not coding. Considering how versatile I think coding is, it's tempting to practice all the time, but you need hobbies, or you'll burn out.

By the way, I am on LinkedIn in case you want to learn more about me and connect!

Tarik Kaya

Hi, my name's Tarik (that’s my cat) 🌍, and I think coding is the future!

Learning to code was so impactful for me. I want to help you through my code reviews.

I started my journey doing game development before getting into frontend development, which Scrimba focuses on.

I've completed the Career Path, but I sometimes struggled with perfectionism. Was my code good enough, or could I have done something differently? I couldn't be sure and wished for some feedback.

Now I'm further along in my journey, I am excited to be a code reviewer and help others who might have that same uncertainty that I had in the beginning.

If my review helped you out, please let me know on Discord or LinkedIn. Learning that my review was helpful to you makes every single second I spent worth it!

I'm usually coding, doing my own schoolwork, or enjoying the sunset in my spare time.

Meet Vyas

Hello, my name is Meet 🇮🇳!

Today I work as a Junior Developer, but that was never a sure thing.

Computers have always been a hobby but I  thought you needed to be academic to learn programming. I studied management at university instead.

It was only towards the very end of my degree that I realized that management wasn't for me. I wanted to hone a craft and get paid accordingly. I remembered my family and friends' advice to try programming and gave it a shot.

Turns out you don't need to be academic at all!

What worked best for me was combining learning resources, including Scrimba. You could say a code review is a type of learning resource! If my review can help you learn a new concept, that would make my day.

You can probably find me at the gym or running when I'm not coding!

We can connect on LinkedIn, if you want.

Giovanna Moeller

Hi, my name’s Giovanna 🇧🇷, and I’ve been coding for four years.

Currently, I am an iOS Software Engineer, and before that, I did an internship where I practiced both iOS and frontend development. I became a code reviewer because I want to pass on my experience and knowledge to you!

Technology and code are truly so exciting. I believe we can build amazing things through code. It’s one of the reasons I am passionate about teaching others.

I love it when a student tells me I helped them get through some problem or issue they were stuck on. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity to hear from you!

As much as I enjoy code, balance is essential. When I'm not fiddling with Swift or JavaScript, I love to go to restaurants or movies with my friends.

You can read more about my work experience and what I'm up to on LinkedIn.