We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with LangChain, one of the most popular libraries for building AI-powered web apps. It enables Python and JavaScript developers too add complex LLM chains into their apps, building features that was almost impossible to create just a year ago.

By combing the LangChain JS library with interactive scrims, we will provide web developers with a fast-lane into the exciting world of AI engineering. The collaboration involves two parts:

  1. Creating a free LangChain JS course
  2. Improving LangChain’s documentation with scrims

Let’s have a closer look at each of the initiatives.

Creating a free LangChain JS course

This course aims to be the most interactive LangChain learning resource to date. As a student, you’ll be constantly challenged to solve coding assignments, making sure that your build up the necessary muscle memory to become a proficient AI engineer. The course will be fully project-based, so you’ll learn the concepts while creating a real-world application.

Launch is set to mid-October, but the a sneak peek of it has already been released, so be sure to check out the trailer here.

Trailer for the Learn LangChain course

Enriching LangChain’s docs with scrims

To make it easier for developers to understand the LangChain docs, we are going to add scrims that explain the code examples in the docs in detail. This will also give developers an opportunity to get hands-on experience with LangChain from the get-go.

The first scrim have already been deployed in the Expression Language Cookbook. In it, Scrimba teacher Daniel Rose explains how to compose a simple chain using the Expression Language.

A scrim embedded into the Expression Language Cookbook.

The docs also have a dedicated section for all the scrims that will be added. This will make it easier for you to find out if a certain topic has been explained as a scrim. We’re going to gradually deploy more scrims to the docs over the next few weeks.

The creator of LangChain, Harrison Chase, explains why they wanted to partner with Scrimba:

We’re excited to partner with Scrimba to help even more web developers to venture into AI Engineering. They make it really easy (and fun) to explore and improve as developers.

According to Scrimba’s CEO, Per Harald Borgen, AI Engineering represents a lucrative opportunity for web developers who are looking to get ahead in their careers:

“Learning to implement LLMs into products is probably the best thing a web developer can do to boost their career these days, as the industry has a huge need for competent AI engineers. And this will just continue to grow over the next few years.”