Demonstrating the ability to articulate bugs and speak to coding decisions and improvements will increase your chances of getting hired when applying and interviewing for developer jobs.

From small startups to massive companies like Google, Netflix, and Microsoft, just about every tech company uses and benefits significantly from code reviews. And when you get hired as a developer, you will likely participate in code reviews right from the start. Code reviews help onboard you onto the team, establish coding standards and best practices, and give you opportunities to develop your skills by learning from others.

Code reviews are also immensely valuable for aspiring developers and programming students; they help reinforce learning, expose new knowledge and skills, and build proper programming habits faster.

Giving effective code reviews is also a skill that takes some learning and practice.

Learn How to Give Effective Code Reviews

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Code Reviews module! The module aims to get you to dive into doing peer code reviews and point you in the right direction, covering:

  • Why code reviews matter
  • Common types of code reviews and how they happen in the real world with GitHub
  • Tips on what to look for while giving a code review
  • Providing feedback to a peer about their code
  • Creating scrim-based code reviews of Solo Projects
Scrimba Code Reviews module

You’ll get to practice giving code reviews and even get the opportunity to do actual project code reviews that you’ll share with peers.

Scrimba Code Review Program

We're experimenting with code reviews from our staff and community to learn how they can enhance our student's learning.

We're currently running a beta version of the "Scrimba Code Review Program," which aims to make code reviews an essential part of the learning experience on Scrimba. It offers an effective way for students to improve their coding skills and share knowledge by doing reviews of other students' code.

Code reviews Discord channel
Code reviews Discord channel

On Discord, students post a link to a project they built and ask for a review. Then a community peer selects a project and gives it a code review, either textually with code comments or creates a recorded scrim-based review.

We reward students for giving code reviews, too! Besides earning Karma points, which students can exchange for exclusive Scrimba swag, students who do 10 code reviews receive a personalized recommendation on Linked from a Scrimba team member, which will help them with their job search.

Go for it!

Giving code reviews provides so many growth opportunities. You gain technical knowledge, form sharper coding instincts, and learn how to mentor and provide meaningful feedback. And getting a different perspective of solving problems from other developers, often ones you've already solved, is almost like learning to program in another way!

You will benefit so much from this skill and have a significant advantage that will make you stand out in job interviews.