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Build an app with React and GraphQL

Build an app with React and GraphQL

This course teaches React developers to work with GraphQL and Apollo. You'll learn it by building a simple Pokemon app, and solve several code challenges along the way.

What's inside

This course contains 10 interactive screencasts.

Build an app with React and GraphQL

10 scrims

60 min


Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. Here’s our suggested resources to get you up to speed.

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Karl Hadwen

Im a JavaScript and React developer with over ten years of experience creating highly functional and scalable e-commerce websites. I also run a YouTube channel focused on React, JavaScript, and GraphQL. Follow me on Twitter: @karlhadwen

Why this

course rocks

Have you ever wondered how to connect React.js & GraphQL? Look no further! We will be creating a Pokemon application that uses React, GraphQL, and Apollo to build out a front-end application that lists out Pokemon characters!

Why learn GraphQL as a React dev?

Compared to REST APIs, GraphQL dramatically increases the speed of building and iterating on frontend apps. It also reduces the amount of data sent from the server to the client, making apps faster and more repsonsive.

In other words, GraphQL is something all React developers should know how to work with. So take a step to improve your React & GraphQL skill right now, and don't worry...we have awesome coding challenges too!