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The Vue Bootcamp

The Vue Bootcamp

This course teaches you Vue once and for all. It combines the Scrimba's interactive code-learning experience with a world-class instructor. Enroll now if you're ready to future-proof your career!

What's inside

This course contains 81 interactive screencasts.

Vue JS Bootcamp

81 scrims

9 hours

You'll learn

Variables / Strings



Partial application






Constructor functions

Control flow






Side effects

High-order functions

Cutting-edge JavaScript

And much more!

You'll build

Hacker News clone

In this project, you'll build a Hacker News clone - includes comments, tabs, and more!

Google Keep clone

Learn to build an that helps you keep track of your notes and tasks.

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Victor Gonzalez

Victor is a Senior Web Developer with over 10 years of professional experience building web applications. He has taught software development to hundreds of thousands of people via his popular YouTube channel Coders Tape.

Why this

course rocks

There’s no question— if you want to be a developer, the language to learn is JavaScript.

It’s the engine of the web and if you know JavaScript, you can make software usable by everybody on any possible device.

However, navigating the JavaScript ecosystem today is harder than ever before…

What exactly do you need to learn? And how do you learn it all? Where do you even begin?

Welcome to The JavaScript Bootcamp, a course based around you and your goals—designed to teach you JavaScript in the best way possible, so you can build amazing apps, master the language, and transform your career.

Here’s something you may not know—it’s not good enough to just learn a framework like React; in fact, there is nothing that will supercharge your career more than learning JavaScript itself. Period.

This bootcamp does just that—you’ll learn next-level JavaScript from the beginning. It’s going to teach you exactly the JavaScript you need, and leads directly into any JavaScript library or framework you want to learn (like React, Angular, Vue).

You’ll learn concepts essential to making any serious app or program, break through the hard parts of the language, all while working through fun coding challenges to practice all of these concepts. And to top it off, you’ll solidify your learning by building apps, fun, practical, real-world apps like the ones you use daily.