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why take this course

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s used almost everywhere: from large-scale web applications to complex servers to mobile and even in IoT devices.

Why learn React?

This course will teach you the most modern features of JavaScript, also known as ES6+. ES6 is short for ECMAScript 6, and the plus sign (+) signals that we're also including features from even newer versions of ECMAScript.

About React

So this course is perfect for developers who want to ensure that their skills are relevant in a broad range of areas. Plus, it only takes an hour to complete!

How it's structured

Your First React.js App4 lessons26:16
JavaScript Array Methods7 lessons7:51
Your second React.js app4 lessons37:22
Airbnb React Style guide5 lessons12:15


Meme Generator

In this project you'll create an awesome meme generator


In this project you'll create an awesome todo app

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the ultimate code learning experience


The course creator

Per Harald Borgen

Front-end developer and co-founder of Scrimba. Per loves helping other people learn new skills so that they can improve their lives. He makes his tutorials as simple as humanly possible, and focus on getting the students to the point where they can start building projects on their own.

Thank Per for the course