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Level up your JavaScript skills with a daily coding challenge from December 1st to 24th. Review other people’s code for a second chance to win.

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How to participate

Welcome to JavaScriptmas! 🎄

A new door will open every single day from December 1st to 24th, revealing a small coding challenge for you to solve.

Code to win! 💻

Once you have solved the challenge, head over to the JavaScriptmas forum on Discord to share your solution.

All valid solutions will be entered into our Grand Prize Draw on December 24th, when we’ll select one entry at random to receive $1000 cash plus a lifetime Scrimba Pro membership!

The more challenges you solve, the higher your chances of winning that grand prize - so be persistent!

Review to win! 🔎

Want even more chances to win? In addition to our solutions draw, we are also holding a second prize draw for code reviews.

To enter, select another person’s entry from the JavaScriptmas forum, record a quick scrim explaining your feedback on the code, and post it in response on Discord.

The winner of the review draw will also win $1000 cash and a lifetime of Scrimba Pro.

F to the A oracle to the Q

How can I enter?

To enter the solutions draw, solve the latest challenge and share your solution in the JavaScriptmas forum (https://scrimba.com/links/javascriptmas-forum) on Discord. To enter the review draw, select another person’s entry from the JavaScriptmas forum, record a quick scrim explaining your feedback on the code, and post it in response on Discord. Please note that you must review someone else’s scrim, not your own.

What can I win?

This year, there will be not one, but TWO grand prizes. On December 24th, we will select one challenge solution and one code review, both of whom will receive $1000 cash plus a lifetime Scrimba Pro membership

What is the deadline for each challenge?

Only entries sent before the challenge deadline (midnight GMT) will count towards the prize draw. You'll find the remaining time for the current challenge on your Scrimba dashboard and in the pinned message in each day's solutions sub-forum on Discord.

How will the winner be announced?

We’ll announce the winner of both prize draws in our JavaScriptmas live stream on December 24th. (https://www.youtube.com/c/Scrimba)

How will you choose the winners?

The winners will be selected at random, but entries will be checked to ensure that they contain proper answers. We will select from all the submissions throughout the month, so if you complete all the challenges and record 24 reviews, that’s 48 chances to win!.

Do I have to do all the challenges?

Nope, you can do as many or as few as you like. However more challenges completed = more chances to win!

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Pumpkin from Scrimba

Pumpkin is the Chief Tree Destroyer 🎄 and reindeer herder 🦌 at Scrimba.

Along with a host of festive friends 🧚‍♂️💂‍♀️🧝, he has created this coding advent calendar to help you improve your JavaScript.

When he’s not working, Pumpkin's hobbies are pushing mince pies 🥧 off tables, shredding gift wrapping 🎁, watching snowflakes ❄️ and unravelling Christmas jumpers 🧶

He hopes you enjoy these challenges and wishes you a very Merry JavaScriptmas! 🎄🎅