The UI Design Bootcamp (test page)

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The course creator Gary Simon

with Gary Simon

3 students enrolled

Course level: Intermediate

This massive teaches you to build beautiful and well-functioning UIs using HTML and CSS. It's filled with interactive challenges to ensure that the knowledge sticks with you.

What's inside

This course contains interactive screencasts

two girls
The UI Design Bootcamp (test page)
lessons - 0 sec

You'll learn

UI design fundamentals
Build UIs from scratch
Refactor UIs
UI Animation
White space
Visual hierarchy

You'll build


Forest Vacation page

In the final projet, you'll build a beautiful website for booking vacation experiences in the woods.


The Ultimate Tea webshop

You'll learn to build landing pages for e.g. physical products or web apps.


Signup flow form

Build forms that guide and delight the user as opposed to frustrate them.

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Gary Simon

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Why this course rocks

While we can all clearly recognize what a great user interface looks like, it's actually really hard to build one! And that's exactly what this bootcamp is all about.

In it, Gary Simon will turn you into a UI design master. He'll teach you UI design from the ground up, and give you the skills you need in order to make sure that your next project both looks good and feels good to use.

Gary is one of the most popular design and coding techers on YouTube, with over 500.000 people following his channel DesignCourse. He has over 20 years of experience as a UI/UX designer and a frontend developer, so you can rest assured that you'll be in good hands.

This course is also a social experience. Gary will constantly encourage you to share the UI designs you create in Scrimba's Discord channel. We've created a dedicated channel for the course, so that you can get feedback from other students, and provide your own feedback as well.

Building great UIs is a skill that any front-end developer will benefit from. Whether you're in a team, working as a consultant, or just want to build your own projects: everyone needs good user interfaces. So what are you waiting for? Join the course today, and start your journey as a UI designer!

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