The Frontend Developer Career Path

The Frontend Developer Career Path

This career path will turn you into a hireable frontend developer, and teach you how to nail the job interview. It contains over 70 hours of top-notch tutorials, hundreds of coding challenges, and dozens of real-world projects.

Join a growing market

This is the first of our expansion into career paths. Of all specialities to choose from, we picked frontend because of its huge worldwide employment potential.

Demand for frontend engineers grew by 17% in 2019, which indicates that all companies — not just Silicon Valley big shots — are evolving into becoming tech companies.

The average salary for frontend web developers in the US is $108,874

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Mar 15, 2019

Your program

The program contains 14 modules. All modules are filled with interactive coding challenges to ensure that you don't fall off the wagon. You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, UI design, career strategy, and more.

Module 1

Welcome to the career path

Get prepared. In this module, you'll meet your teachers, learn how Scrimba works, and build your first web app.

12 lessons • 31 min
Welcome to the career path with Per Harald Borgen

6 scrims

20 min

Your first web app with Per Harald Borgen

6 scrims

11 min

Module 2

HTML & CSS basics

Learn the very basics of HTML and CSS. Start creating layouts, and style them how you want.

49 lessons • 5 hours
HTML & CSS Crash course with Kevin Powell

29 scrims

4 hours

HTML & CSS challenges with Jad Khalili

20 scrims

57 min

Module 3

Making websites interactive

Combine your newly acquired HTML & CSS skills with Javascript. This will allow you to create interactive websites.

61 lessons • 6 hours
Your first interactive website with Per Harald Borgen

9 scrims

34 min

Intro to JavaScript with Nate Jensen

19 scrims

3 hours

Intro to the DOM with Bob Ziroll

14 scrims

1 hour

Build a diary app with Ebenezer Don

19 scrims

60 min

Module 4

CSS & JavaScript fundamentals

In this module, you'll level up your CSS and JavaScript skills, and build a super cool game.

86 lessons • 7 hours
CSS Fundamentals with Kevin Powell

26 scrims

3 hours

CSS fundamentals challenges with Jad Khalili

20 scrims

1 hour

JavaScript Challenges with Karl Hadwen

14 scrims

57 min

Build a dice game with Per Harald Borgen

11 scrims

39 min

Buildig a Slapjack game with Alan Cone

15 scrims

1 hour

You'll build


Build the legendary game for the old age of computers.

Joke generator

Learn geeky programming jokes with this epic app.


Build Jeopardy with CSS Grid and an API.

A personal portfolio

A beautiful portfolio to show off to potential employers.

The beer explorer

Build a beer website with the Punk API.

Netflix clone

Build a full-blown Netflix clone in React JS.

You'll learn






Web architecture

Responsive design

UI Design


The job search

Getting hired

Coding interviews

Why this career

path rocks

This career path will turn you into a hireable frontend developer as fast as possible. By the end of it, you will have learned enough HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to get your first job as a frontend web developer.

It will also prepare you with strategies to get through the interview process, so that you increase the chance of landing your dream job.

The teachers of this path are some of the most popular online instructors these days, like Kevin Powell, Gary Simon, Cassidy Williams, and Dylan Israel. They’re all people who have gone up the hard road of becoming professional developers, so they know exactly what it takes.

Throughout the path, you’ll build more than a dozen projects, and solve more than 100 interactive coding challenges. In total, it clocks more than 70 hours. It’s fully self-paced, and you can choose whether you’d like to do it part-time of full-time.