Get started freelancing on Upwork with no experience

Get started freelancing on Upwork with no experience

When you don't have a CompSci degree, you have to get creative 👀!

Scrimba student Ehtisham found freelance work on UpWork by doing the work without permission. Next, he transferred his excellent reviews to earn a job interview! Now his job title is Front-end developer and he works remotely.

Please enjoy 🙌

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:03 Start freelancing with no experience
  • 03:36 Getting your first client
  • 05:06 The impact of customer recommendations
  • 06:40 Pricing yourself for opportunity
  • 09:20 Turning freelance work experience into a full-time role
  • 11:00 Ehtisham's new job
  • 11:57 What the interview process looked like
  • 13:15 Ehtisham's recommended resources

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