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Bob Ziroll

Bob is the director of education at V School, where he works alongside other instructors to teach full-stack JavaScript web development. His React intro course on Scrimba has quickly become one of the most popular React courses on the web.

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This course will teach you the skills to you need in order to become a professional React developer. The curriculum has been carefully created to turn you into a hireable canididate.

How do we know what level is hirable, you might ask? Well, our instructor Bob Ziroll has turned hundreds of students into professional front-end developers as the Head of Education at V School, a top technology bootcamp in Utah. Many of these students got React jobs, so Bob knows better than anyone what it takes to turn someone into a hireable React developer.

Why do people learn faster from this course?

This course will take full advantage of Scrimba's interactive code-learning experience. As soon as you've learned a new concept, you'll jump into the code and solve a challenge to make sure that the knowledge sticks with you. It's almost as if you and instructor Bob Ziroll are pair-programming together!

This kind of fast-paced interactivity simply isn't possible with any other platform than Scrimba, and it's been praised by our students from day one.

Why React?

By learning React, you'll drastically increase your chances of getting a job as a front-end developer, as the current demand for React developers by far outstrips the supply. So enroll now if you're ready to give your career a boost!

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