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Sohaib is a full-stack developer based i Karachi. He's passionate about travelling, meeting new people, trying new food, and discussing unique ideas. Sohaib has helped tens of thousands developers learn D3.js with his course and articles.

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D3.js is the most popular data visualization library for the web. It's written in JavaScript and it allows you to make sense of your data through a powerful API. It uses HTML, CSS, and SVG to create visualizations which can be viewed on any modern browser.

Throughout this course you'll learn the most important features of D3 JS while building four different data visualizations. You'll be able to play around with the code whenever you want, so that you can be sure that you'll understand how it works.

What you'll learn:

  • Selection
  • Data loading
  • Data joins
  • Attributes
  • Axes
  • Scales
  • Elements
  • Labels
  • Paths
  • Creating SVG elements
  • Creating bar charts
  • Creating pie charts
  • Creating line charts

If you complete this course, you'll know how to use the following features of the D3js:

  • select(), selectAll(), append(), text(), attr()
  • data(), enter()
  • d3.max(), d3.min()
  • height, width, x, y, transform, fill
  • rect, line, circle
  • axisBottom(), axisTop(), axisRight(), ,axisLeft()
  • scale(),scaleLinear(), domain(), range()

...and much more!

And remember, this isn't a regular video course, it's a Scrimba course! This means you can interact with the code inside the tutorials whenever you want, which makes learning much more fun!

The instructor behind the course is the eminent Sohaib Nehal. Feel free to rech out to him via Twitter @Sohaub_Nehal if you have feedback or questions.

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