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Scrimba for Teams

Our Team plan is the best choice for companies and learning institutions looking to train their people in web development and AI engineering.

The more seats you buy, the lower the cost!

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Stay ahead of your competition

Scrimba's latest course, the AI Engineer Path, is a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach development teams the fundamental skills necessary for creating remarkable products using Artificial Intelligence.

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Scrimba all courses page, depicting a range of courses including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and AI.

Pro licenses for everyone!

Our team plans come with Scrimba Pro licenses, granting your team unrestricted access to Scrimba's extensive library of over 60 courses. Additionally, the more licenses you purchase, the bigger the discount we can provide.

Track user progress

Team plans offer information on each user's learning progress, allowing managers to effectively track and understand both the advancement of individual team members and the return on investment in their training.

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Why Scrimba?

The Scrimba curriculum is delivered by a team of experienced in-house instructors, along with prominent figures from the industry.

Each course incorporates Scrimba's innovative interactive format known as 'scrims', which engages learners by simulating a peer programming experience alongside the instructor.

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