When you sign up for our Frontend Developer Career Path, you probably realize we do things a little different at Scrimba compared to schools, universities, and even many coding boot camps! It’s affordable, flexible, and widely engaging, offering real practical projects, a lean-forward instructional approach, and a vibrant student community.

As a Scrimba student, you can learn more effectively in one of two ways, as a "Pro" or a Scrimba Bootcamp student. So this post aims to highlight the main differences between the Scrimba Pro and Bootcamp memberships to help you decide which might work best for you as you embark on a new coding learning journey.

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⭐ Scrimba Pro

Scrimba Pro students experience a self-paced frontend web development curriculum consisting of 60+ courses. Students go through the path at their speed, and it generally takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get through the entire path.

The Frontend Developer Career Path
Learn the skills to become a frontend developer

Students who complete the path within this timeframe work toward making some progress every day, taking advantage of all the learning opportunities offered by Pro membership.

⭐ Real-world Solo Projects

The Scrimba Pro membership provides many opportunities to test yourself on what you're learning with Solo Projects. These are more intense, real-world projects that remove the training wheels and give you a challenge that you have to solve on your own.

Students build many impressive Solo Projects as they progress through the path, like a unit converter app, password generator, invoice creator, React trivia app, and many more.

Solo Projects students build in the Frontend Career Path
Solo Projects students build in the Frontend Career Path

⭐ Peer-to-peer Code Reviews

After completing a Solo Project, it’s common for students to question whether they used the correct approach, if their project has any coding oversights, or how to improve their code.

The peer-to-peer code reviews Discord channel
Scrimba's dedicated peer code reviews channel

Scrimba Pro students get these questions answered and more with project code reviews. Students can share their Solo Projects for review on our dedicated code reviews Discord channel. It's a lively channel where students invite fellow students who are slightly ahead in the path to review their code either textually, with code comments, or by creating a scrim-based recording.

Pro students who give peer code reviews benefit in many ways. Giving code reviews helps reinforce what they're learning and exposes them to new knowledge and skills. They gain a significant advantage that will make them stand out in job interviews.

Student code reviews are entirely voluntary and dependent on all students helping each other out, so students are not always guaranteed a code review.

⭐ Self-Studying has its Challenges

Most Scrimba students successfully go through and complete the Frontend Career Path as a "Pro" member—it’s a valuable offering. Learning to code, after all, is a challenging endeavor, so it can also be quite an undertaking for some.

Since the path is entirely self-paced, there are times when students are likely to feel a little bit lonesome. Learning alone can often feel somewhat uncomfortable and daunting, especially if you start feeling stuck.

While you do have access to all of Scrimba's community resources, you are still mostly on your own unless you're actively engaging with the community on Discord. For example, in the Career Path module channels, accountability channels, and our weekly live events.

⭐⭐ Scrimba Bootcamp

Connecting with motivated peers can improve your online learning experience and boost your learning outcomes. So we created a program called the Scrimba Bootcamp, where we match you with a smaller group of students with the goal of going through the career path together.

The Scrimba Bootcamp homepage

The Bootcamp offers everything the Pro membership provides and much more. And there are various ways we support Scrimba Bootcamp students to ensure that they succeed throughout this career path and become hireable frontend developers.

⭐⭐ Study Groups

First, Bootcamp students are part of a small group of like-minded coders called a "study group." The close-knit group connects on a private dedicated channel on Discord. They check in daily and chat with peers so that they can help and encourage each other and collaborate as they go through the career path.

Discord study group channel for the Scrimba Bootcamp
The Scrimba Bootcamp study group channel

⭐⭐ Weekly Sessions

Scrimba Bootcamp students attend weekly teacher-led sessions where they get together with other Bootcamp students, ask questions, share challenges and wins, and provide structure to their week. They also exchange information, motivate each other, and even hold each other accountable to ensure that they're on track and making progress.

Scrimba Bootcamp Monday sessions
Weekly sessions help Bootcamp students stay on track.

Students also get to build their network as they bond with the other coders enrolled in the Bootcamp.

⭐⭐ Project Reviews from Experienced Coders

In addition to the big benefits described above, as a Scrimba Bootcamp student, your Solo Projects will get reviewed by Scrimba’s vetted teacher assistants.

A teacher assistant providing a code review

Unlike the Scrimba Pro membership, Bootcamp students are guaranteed a code review after submitting their project solution. The review is in the form of a scrim consisting of a vetted teacher assistant talking through your code and giving you feedback to help you improve, eradicate any potential bad coding habits, and overall help you adopt best practices.

⭐⭐ Career Services

And, what's more, the Scrimba Bootcamp offers career-related services. When students reach the job hunting phase of their journey, we aim to increase their chances of getting hired by providing reviews of their portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile and offering weekly career strategy sessions.

Why Join the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is beneficial for students who work a full-time job or don't want to spend over 10k to learn to code. Since our goal with the Bootcamp is to meet students where they currently are in life, our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

For example, if you've tried coding before, got discouraged, and stepped away from it for some time, the Bootcamp aims to help you get back into programming and better grasp concepts you might have struggled with in the past with the support of the study group.

Scrimba's $199/month price compared to other online coding schools
Scrimba's price compared to other online coding schools

It's also common for Scrimba Pro students who've made significant progress in the Frontend Career Path and completed most Solo Projects to join the Bootcamp to get expert code reviews of their projects and meet like-minded peers.

Pro vs. Bootcamp

Following is a chart breaking down all the features provided by the Scrimba Pro and Bootcamp memberships to help you determine which might work best for you.

Features ⭐ Pro ⭐ ⭐⭐ Bootcamp ⭐⭐
Frontend Career Path
Completion certificate
Portfolio projects
Full community access
Exclusive live events
1-on-1 calls
Exclusive projects
Teacher-led sessions
Student-led sessions
Dedicated study group
Peer code reviews
Expert code reviews
Portfolio reviews
Resume reviews
Job strategy sessions

Visit our site to learn more about the Scrimba Bootcamp. Happy learning!