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Learn Vue.js for free

Learn Vue.js for free

This tutorial teaches you how to build Vue apps through nine interactive screencasts. You'll learn basic Vue.js concepts, and also take part in building two super fun apps: Schrödingers Div and the Emoji Color Picker!

What's inside

This course contains 11 interactive screencasts.

Learn Vue.js for free

11 scrims

1 hour

You'll learn

Basic JS

Vue basics


Control flow


Event handlers

Building Schrödingers Div

Building the Emoji Color Picker


Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here’s our suggested resources to get you up to speed.

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Zaydek Gualtieri

Zaydek is a self-taught designer and programmer. He's created three popular Scrimba courses, all of which inspires the students to be creative with the tools they learn. Zaydek is especially interested in distributed self-education.

Why this

course rocks

Vue is a newer and refreshing framework for building web apps with at least an order of magnitude more ease than writing vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Vue frees our data from the DOM, and provides an idiomatic guide to programming JavaScript, making development much faster and more fun.

The library is great for composing both static websites and dynamic web apps, and so learning it is central to building modern products and services.

What you'll learn

This course covers the minimum JavaScript needed to get started with Vue, the basics of Vue, and two more advanced examples that build on the ideas discussed and focus on fixing some aspect of the existing codebase.

Through nine interactive screencasts, this tutorial aims to both help and inspire you. If you have feedback, you can reach out to the course creator via Twitter: @username_ZAYDEK.

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F to the A to the Q

Why should I use VueJS?

Do you know HTML , CSS and Javascript? Then it’s a good time to learn VueJS to build your user interfaces. Its performant with a minimal footprint on the application size and you can focus on creating your user interface.

Is Vue JS easy to learn?

In fact, in the 2018 State of JavaScript survey, Vue.js was the most sought after front-end framework by a landslide, with 46.6% of all front-end developers saying that they want to learn it. In short, Vue.js makes front-end web development easier and more exciting than it’s ever been.