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This tutorial teaches you Vuex through ten interactive screencasts. You'll learn about state, mapState, getters, mutations, actions, modules, form handling, plugins and testing. The tutorials are approved by the core Vue team, and embeeded in the official Vuex docs!

The interactive tutorial that powers the official Vuex documentation 💪

Vuex is the canonical way to handle data stores in Vuex. It's like what Redux is to React.

Throughout ten interactive tutorials, you'll learn the core concepts behind Vuex step-by-step.

This course will give your a solid understanding of Vuex basics. This course also takes the collaboration between Scrimba and team Vue to a new level, as Scrimba screencasts are now powering both the Vue docs and the Vuex docs.

What you'll learn:

  • state
  • mapState
  • getters
  • mutations
  • actions
  • modules
  • form handling
  • plugins
  • testing

Throughout the course, you'll be able to interact with the screencasts whenever you want. This provides you with a powerful tool for when you're confused: simply pause the screencasts and interact with the code until you feel comfortable with continuing the course!

COMING SOON: This course will soon be updated with a second part where Connor will use Vuex to create note taking app.

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Connor Lindsey

Connor is a software developer specialized on Vue.js. He's also a part of Maker Academy, which makes STEM education accessible through community and technology.

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