Build your first Angular app

This massive tutorial teaches you Angular through 33 screencasts. It's taught by well-known Angular expert Dan Wahlin, who'll ensure that you get the foundation you need in order to start buidling apps with Angular.

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Gain a solid understanding of the Angular framwework 💪

By learning Angular you'll greatly increase your chances of getting a job as a front-end developer! So in this course, the well-known Angular expert Dan Wahlin will teach you the framework through building a real-world application.

The course is split into several sections. In the introduction, you'll learn about the app you'll be building and the concepts you'll learn. Next up, you'll learn about components and modules, before we continue on with data binding. Then you'll learn about services and http and finally routing.

Throughout the course you'll be building an app which displays customer orders. Wahlin has chosen this project carefully, as it'll teach you all the core concepts behind Angular. So be prepared for 36 value-packed screencasts.

About the instructor:

Dan Wahlin has developed applications and provided architecture guidance and training to some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world. He's also the man behind multiple successful courses on Udemy and Pluralsight, the co-author of several books and writer of technical docs for companies such as Microsoft, Google and others.

You can follow Dan Wahlin on Twitter here.

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Dan Wahlin

Dan is a Google Developer Expert who’s provided training, architecture, and development services for some of the biggest corporations in the industry and created some of the most popular training courses on Udemy and Pluralsight. He’s also a regular speaker at developer conferences around the world.

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