The tricky parts of JavaScript

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The course creator Zack Wilson (PortEXE)

with Zack Wilson (PortEXE)

250 students enrolled

Course level: Intermediate

A collection of lessons and challenges to give you a fundamental understanding of some of the tricky parts of JavaScript.

You'll learn

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Zack Wilson (PortEXE)

Dev guy and tutorialist

Why this course rocks

This course aims to turn you into a better problem solver using JavaScript, as that's what good programmers are. They're problem solvers.

However, in order to become a good problem solver with JavaScript, it's not enough to simply understand the basics of the language. You also need to understand the tricky parts of it. And that's exactly where this course comes in.

This course aims to give you a proper understanding of tricky concepts like Scope, Promises, Immiediately Invoked Function Expressions, Fetch, and more.

Through a series of lessons and challenges, you'll understand how these concepts work in just an hour or two!

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