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The course creator Noah Kaufman

with Noah Kaufman

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Course level: Intermediate

This tutorial will teach you Svelte in less than an hour. You'll learn it by building a fun chat bot, and by solving interactive coding challenges along the way.

You'll learn

Templating syntax
Event dispatching
Event handling
Two-way binding

You'll build


The Svelte chat bot

Learn to build a chatbot that loves Svelte over anything else.

The course creator

Meet your teacher

Noah Kaufman

Hi, I'm Noah! I'm a Senior Frontend Developer from San Francisco, California with an M.S in Computational Linguistics. I'm also known as Svelte Master on YouTube, where I create tutorials on, you guessed it, Svelte.

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Why this course rocks

Svelte is a Javascript framework, a compiler and a language. Unlike other Frameworks such as React and Vue which do much of their work in the browser, Svelte does its work in the compile step, which results in highly efficient code and a potentially faster run-time on the client-side.

In this course, Noah Kaufman will teach you Svelte by building a fun chatbot. The course contains several interactive coding challenges, where you'll be encouraged to write your first lines of Svelte code. This will solidify your learning, so we strongly encourage you to do these challenges along the way.

The teacher, Noah, is also known as Svelte Master on YouTube, where he creates tutorials on his favourite JavaScript framework. Other than that, he is a Senior Frontend Developer from San Francisco, California with an M.S in Computational Linguistics.

Coming soon: The Svelte Bootcamp

We're also working on creating a full-blown Svelte bootcamp, aimed at those who want to level up their Svelte skills to a professional level. Leave your email here to ensure that you'll get the bootcamp for the best price possible when it launches.

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