Neural networks in JavaScript

Neural networks in JavaScript

The most interactive neural network course ever created 🤯

This course gives you a practical introduction to Brain.js, a popular JavaScript library for building neural networks in the browser and in Node.js. And since this is Scrimba, you'll be able to interact with the neural networks whenever you want. Simply pause the screencast, edit the code and run the network with your own changes applied. Learning machine learning has never been as interactive as this!

What you'll learn

By the end of the course, you'll be able to solve a range of different problems using neural networks. The lectures does not dwell with much theory, but rather on how to code the networks. That means the course is suitable for anybody who knows JavaScript.

Here are some of the amazing projects you'll learn to build:

* XOR gate
* Counter
* Basic math network
* Image recognizer
* Sentiment analyzer
* Recommendation engine
* Children's book creator

Good luck, and welcome to the exciting world of neural networks!