Learn React for free

Learn React for free

Bob Ziroll2 years ago
Bob Ziroll2 years ago
Bob Ziroll9 months ago

In this 57-part interactive tutorial, you'll learn how to build dynamic, interactive web applications with React.js in 2019. React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It has been created by the developers at Facebook and it excels in creating fast web applications using web components built with a simple-to-understand API.

The course is also filled with coding challenges that you'll complete by writing React code directly inside the Scrimba screencasts. Before you know it, you'll have written two first React JS applications! And you're in good company: over 50.000 students have enrolled in this course so far.

Many of them have pointed out on Twitter that this course is the best React tutorial they've went through.

V School Learning Philosophy

As the head of education at a tech school called V School in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, I've formulated some philosophies about learning:

  • Learning should never be lonely - Take the course with friends if possible, and make use of the Q&A option to ask questions!
  • Learn by doing - Take advantage of Scrimba by frequently pausing the lesson and playing with the code. Then try to build things from your own computer using the stuff you just learned. And don't skip the practices!
  • Spaced learning and repetition is key - Give yourself time (days/weeks) to finish this course, and include lots of breaks. Don't try cramming it all in.

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Advanced React bootcamp

I've also created a follow-up course that tackles more advanced React topics. Click here to check it out!

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