Learn modern JavaScript

Learn modern JavaScript

A methodical walk-through of modern JavaScript features 👩‍💻

This course features freeCodeCamp's ES6 curriculum recorded as Scrimba screencasts. It contains 26 lectures, each of which explains a concept of ES6. Throughout the lectures you'll build the skills you need in order to utilize JavaScript's modern features. And thanks to the interactivity of Scrimba, you'll be able to get your hands dirty with the code as well, as you can jump into the code and interact with it whenever you want.

About freeCodeCamp

The lectures are recorded by Beau Carnes. Beau is the man behind some of the most popular courses at freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel, so you'll be in good hands. He explains concepts clearly and thoroughly, but without wasting your time.

Good luck, and happy coding!