The Coding Bootcamp Primer

The Coding Bootcamp Primer

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Want to apply for a coding bootcamp? You've come to the right course! ✅

This Bootcamp Primer will provide you with the basics of web development and prepare you to begin any coding bootcamp. Practice learning code with 63 interactive lessons spanning over 4.5 hours. Solve 17 assignments to ensure that the knowledge sticks with you.

Lessons includes an introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM, as well as other introductory topics like setting up your computer for web dev, using Visual Studio Code, how to debug your code, and using the Chrome Developer Tools.

Who is V School?

This course is taught by the instructors at V School, an award-winning technology bootcamp in Salt Lake City, Utah. They teach UX design and full-stack JavaScript, and their hiring partners include companies like Google and Amazon.

If you ever get stuck, you'll be invited to V Schools Slack channel where you can ask questions, and connect with fellow students.