Python 101 : Intro to Python

An introduction to Python Programming (Not 100%finished yet)

OlofP2:072 months ago
OlofP3:222 months ago

##Goal: Aim to cover basics in Python and prepare you for digging deeper:

The course consists 4-7 minute tutorials / talk-throughs covering a topic, and separate exercises where the topic is covered as a hands-on exercise. As with all Scrimba courses, you can stop, test, modify or spin-off the code at any time. This makes for a more immersive experience and is one of the greatest benefits with the Scrimba platform. only works if you use the opportunity...don't just watch the through them, play, experiment, fail and learn..that is how you become great....You got this!

Extend the learning:

To discuss learning Python in this course, share and meet others in a similar situation to yourself you are invited to join the Facebook group: Python101 started for this purpose...


(Topics in (parentheses) aren't complete yet)

  • Basic syntax
  • Strings, Variables,
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Lists, Tuples and Sets
  • Conditionals : if , elif
  • Loops: While, for
  • Functions / Return Statements
  • Sorting: difference sort() / sorted()
  • Zip/ 'Un-zip'
  • Unpacking
  • Comments
  • modules
  • Classes / Objects
  • Dictionaries
  • Exceptions: Try /Except
  • Inheritance
  • Module: random
  • lambda functions
  • list comprehension
  • (Datetime module)
  • (Regular expressions (regex -re))
  • (Reading/ writing files - Technical issue: Scrimba has locked down file read/write access for the time being, apparently...)