Learn basic JavaScript

Learn basic JavaScript

freeCodeCamp2 years ago

This course features freeCodeCamp's basic JavaScript curriculum recorded as Scrimba screencasts. The curriculum has previously taught tens of thousands to write JavaScript, as freeCodeCamp's guide is one of the most popular JavaScript resources on the web. Needless to say, we're really glad to finally have it as an interactive Scrimba course. It's perfect as a first introduction to JavaScript, as it starts with the very basic concepts and increases in complexity as it progresses.

The course is also massive. It contains over 100 screencasts in total. However, most of them are very short. This helps you quickly feel that you're progressing, which is important in order to keep the motivation throughout the course.

About freeCodeCamp

The lectures are recorded by Beau Carnes. Beau is the man behind some of the most popular courses at freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel, so you'll be in good hands. He explains concepts clearly and thoroughly, but without wasting your time.

Good luck, and happy coding!

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