Yet Another Programming Course

Learn how to program computers in any language.

Designed to teach programming at the high school to adult level, there will be no libraries, no assumptions about terminology, and no drag and drop coding. Many online courses tend to assume you already have Computer Science knowledge and aim to teach a new tool like React or Vue. Other courses assume you know absolutely nothing but want to code by moving a cat around a screen, not learn real programming constructs.

This course will teach you programming commands and ideas that are available in any language. You will learn via Javascript, solely due to the (current) limitations of Scrimba but also because the way we code in Javascript is similar to many other languages and the skills you will learn transfer very easily. We will try to avoid Javascript specific code but when that is impossible, it will be made clear why it is JS specific and how to do it in other languages.

Please note that this is a work in progress and considered a draft.