Learn Vuex

Learn Vuex

The interactive tutorial that powers the official Vuex documentation 💪

Vuex is the canonical way to handle data stores in Vuex. It's like what Redux is to React.

Throughout ten interactive tutorials, you'll learn the core concepts behind Vuex step-by-step.

This course will give your a solid understanding of Vuex basics. This course also takes the collaboration between Scrimba and team Vue to a new level, as Scrimba screencasts are now powering both the Vue docs and the Vuex docs.

What you'll learn:

  • state
  • mapState
  • getters
  • mutations
  • actions
  • modules
  • form handling
  • plugins
  • testing

Throughout the course, you'll be able to interact with the screencasts whenever you want. This provides you with a powerful tool for when you're confused: simply pause the screencasts and interact with the code until you feel comfortable with continuing the course!